Song of the Day – Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Hey everybody, boy oh boy do we have an awesome song for your Song of the Day today! I just discovered it myself today, and I am already addicted to it, and hopefully you will be too! It is called Lunatic, and it is by Geron Hoy. Reminds me of Bob Dylan a lot, which is almost always a good thing. Enjoy!!


Song of the Day – Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

How about we listen to a band from the UK that is just epic? Sound good? Good! This is an incredible live version of what I feel is this great band’s best song. Your Song of the Day for Tuesday is the Kook’s Love It All.


Song of the Day – Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Song of the Day on my blog! Since it is Monday, and it’s cold, and it’s the first day back after a long break, I think we all need a little bit of motivation to get out there today and do some great things in the world. Who better to give it to us than I’m From Barcelona…your song of the day is The Painter.

Me, myself, and I

Me, myself, and I

I have entered the world of blogging! And in this new found world I have found myself in a familiar state…sitting here trying to choose my words appropriately and find something to say that is interesting, over analyzing every single thing I type out. This should be fun.

I feel like this blog is going to be about a lot of different things. I plan to write about my life, music, sports, friends, Daleks, you name it. Nothing will be off limit! I feel like I should use this first post to introduce myself, so that is just what I am going to do!

My name is Frank, and I am 28 years old. I live in California, and I am LDS (Convert of almost 8 years). I am addicted to music and basketball. Favorite band The Beach Boys, favorite team the Lakers (How can anyone live in California and not be a Lakers fan? Doesn’t make any sense to me). I have two brothers, and one sister.  I graduated from BYU-Idaho, and now I am firmly planted in my quarter-life crisis. I plan to get through it by sharing my wild thoughts with all of you, so sit back and enjoy!