Saturday Six – Top 6 Favorite TV Shows of All Time.

Welcome to another Saturday Six, where I list off a top six list of awesomeness for you to enjoy. Tonight the list is the top six favorite television series I have ever viewed, and that I hope you will enjoy at some point too! So lets begin!

#62 Guys & A Girl

Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place is the name it started out with, then it was shortened to Two Guys & A Girl. This show was just so funny. Ryan Reynolds comedic timing was just unimaginably awesome (I wanted to be Berg so badly, and probably have turned out a lot like his character). The acting was great in this series, and the chemistry was epic as well. Sharon (Traylor Howard) was beyond babe status too. A must watch if you haven’t seen it!



Psych is another great comedy show, that is sadly entering it’s final season of episodes (tomorrow is Psych The Musical!). Shawn Spencer is a fake psychic detective for the SB police, and he goes around solving crimes for them, and fooling them into thinking he’s a psychic. This is a great show with some really cool storylines that are often very unpredictable. Maggie Lawson is a great actress as well as Juliette O’Hara, and the rest of the cast is way awesome too. I know friends who fit each character perfectly in the show, whether they all agree with their placement or not.



Dexter is not a comedy, but it was such an awesome show. I started watching it last December and was caught up to the 8th season by the time it started. I got way addicted to the show actually. It was way awesome, and even though he was a serial killer, Dexter Morgan was a character that you rooted for the whole way through the series. Definitely a great show, and would have actually been in my top 3 I think, if not for the terrible, stupid ending to the series. The whole last season in fact was pretty terrible. The first 7 though, basically a masterpiece. Check it out for sure peeps!


Friends. Friends was my favorite show for the longest time. I’m sure everybody has heard of it and 90% have seen it. It is a classic for sure. Everybody always says I am a lot like Chandler with my sense of humor, but I personally feel like I am a lot more like Ross (and people who know me well usually agree with that). Hopefully I’ll end up with a “Rachel” someday.



Fringe was a modern day X-Files, but way better (I did love X-Files back in the day though). If you haven’t seen this show, you really need to go check it out. I started to write out what the show was about, but really, you just need to watch it. Explaining what it is about does not do the show justice at all. Joshua Jackson is incredible in it (Should have been the new Batman, either him or Michael C. Hall). Anna Torv is just beyond babe status as well. John Noble is maybe the greatest actor of all time (He’s very very very good). Seriously, check it out.



Chuck! This is, in my opinion, the best television show of all time. The characters are very relate able and very well developed throughout the series, and the plot is just fun. I know I would love to get pushed into the role of a secret agent, maybe that is just me though. Seriously though, this show has incredible acting, incredible stories, and is incredibly fun. The best part of the show though, is the music. The people in charge of the music, they know how to place a song with a scene that will just destroy you or lift you up or whatever the scene calls for. Most of my favorite tracks in my music library are from this show (and if you know me you know I have a huge music library). Yvonne Strahovsky is also the most attractive woman on the earth in my opinion, so it’s always good to watch a show with her in it. Zachary Levi, remarkable actor. Adam Baldwin basically out acts the world with just his facial expressions alone in this show too. Yeah, I am addicted to this show still, and plan on starting a rewatch of it for about the….12th time probably again tomorrow. Doesn’t get better than Chuck Bartowski saving the world at $11 an hour!


Honorable mention for Dr. Who, which is another awesome show. I just started watching it a little less than a month ago, and I really really really love it so far. Having only seen the first 3 seasons though I didn’t think it was right to include it in the list with these others that I have seen all the way through. Once I’m caught up though, I am thinking it will probably fall 2nd or 3rd on the list, so yes, definitely check out Dr. Who as well!


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