The passing of Nelson Mandela


Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela passed away several hours ago and the world is in a state of mourning over his passing. He was a great man who accomplished some incredible things in his time on this earth, and made the country of South Africa a much better place. His efforts to end apartheid, and to heal the country going forward places him as one of the most important human beings of the last hundred years without question.

I certainly do not know as much about him or his country as I should. I do not remember studying much about South Africa in any of my History or Political Science classes, but that may be my fault probably. I know I tended to doze in my 3 hour world history class back in the day, so I am betting that’s when I missed it. From the little bit of knowledge that I do have though I know that the world is a much better place thanks to Nelson Mandela, and that today is a very important day in history because the world and South Africa have lost a key activist, philanthropist, and moral compass. The man will be greatly missed.

“The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.” – Nelson Mandela





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